Write Better: Comma Drama

So, writer's will swear those little b@stards will move over night. Others, just ignore the rules and use them sparingly. But are you really saying what you need to say, correctly? Are you painting the right story, including the right punctuation? Well, let's get over the comma drama, and learn the rules of a comma.... Continue Reading →


Author Interview

When did you decide to start writing? About 6 or 7 years ago. I had this elaborate “bedtime” story in my head I had been developing for several years. A couple of my friends told me I should write it down. It took me a while to take them seriously, but eventually I gave in,... Continue Reading →

Write Better: Sensitivity Readers

First, let us learn, what are sensitivity readers? They read through manuscripts for bais instances and representation issues. Let's not forget, they look out for the naughty words. Basically they point out all the "sensitive" areas of a manuscript. Now this isn't something you need to worry about unless you are marketing to a group... Continue Reading →

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