Write Better: Identify the Overused

Its truly a challenge to edit your own work, let alone, hunt down all the repeat offenders in your work (That's what I call overused words). Today we'll look at ways to spot those little buggers. I always recommend getting a professional editor, who will spot things like that, and hopefully give a few suggestions.... Continue Reading →


Author Interview

When did you know you had a story you needed to tell? When I first started figuring out this whole language thing (maybe two, three years old), I immediately started narrating my life as if it were a storybook. I have no memory of this, but that was when my parents looked at each other... Continue Reading →

Amazing Words!

Amazing is a commonly overused word, and finding replacements can be tricky work. But you can always count on the IABE to have a solution to that issue. Check out all these ways to say amazing, without actually saying it. Astounding- surprisingly impressive or notable. Bonny- attractive; beautiful. Captivating- capable of attracting and holding interest;... Continue Reading →

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