Write Better: Street Team Content

Your street team, crew, or biggest fans! Whatever you call them, they help you spread the word about your book. So why not give them the best ? Today we look at content you should reserve for your super fans. Sneak Peeks: Give them the a chapter to tease your super fans with your upcoming... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: George Tackes

1. When did you know you had a story to tell? Storytellers always have a story to tell. This particular tale, “The Great Chicago Fire Conspiracy,” started in 2011 during a family trip to Springfield, IL. After visiting the old State Capitol, we were walking away and my daughter turned to look at the old... Continue Reading →

Writer Resources: The Best Newsletter Platforms

MailChimp: The most popular email marketing tool to date, they offer free and paid options. The free account offers updated templates and is user friendly for the less tech savvy. You can monitor everything from subscribers to clicks and more. They also offer an easy to create landing page for new fans. Honestly, this is... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Robin Reardon

1. For new readers, what genre do you write? All my stories feature gay characters primarily, though I often include characters from other groups under that colorful rainbow umbrella: bi, gender queer, intersex, trans—the list goes on.  My early works—novels one through eight—featured gay teens. But my Trailblazer series, as well as my newest novel (For Love... Continue Reading →

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