Writer Resources: Social Media

Tons of new social sites are popping up across the world wide web. But its hard to know which ones will take off and which ones will flop. Part of staying relative is knowing where your audience hangs out. So today, here are some social media accounts you should have. No matter what your genre... Continue Reading →

Write Better: Building A Book Concept

There is so much out in the world that inspires us to write. But jumping into that novel is a whole different beast. Having a concept layed out can help you stay on track and motivated to finish. So let's look at what it takes to create and maintain a concept for your manuscript. 1.... Continue Reading →

December Reads

Books make amazing gifts! Please choose indie books this year, it’s a small, local business to be an author. “Rachet-tense atmosphere” - Allie Cresswell“The action zings” - A.M. Reade“A harrowing climax” - Alison HendersonAfter a string of arson fires drives migrant farm workers from their homes, Damien goes undercover to infiltrate the white-supremacist, neo-Nazi militia... Continue Reading →

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