Write Better: It’s All In The Name

It's not just an autograph It's your name, and with it is usually some well wishes. But what do you write, if you choose to write the reader a message? Do you add a little message at all? Why does this even matter? Well, your readers come to your signing because they want to meet... Continue Reading →

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Write Better: LGBTQA Characters

LGBTQA Characters: Tips for doing it well. LGBTQA books are a big right now, so writing you character correctly is a must! Getting it wrong could not only insult someone, but poor research make an author look extremely unprofessional. So know your stuff when writing, especially in the LGBTQA community. As authors we tell stories,... Continue Reading →

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Mays Must Reads

This epic first installment of the de Valais Chronicles will cast a spell you’ll never forget. Kemina and Gabrielle aren’t just cousins, they are members of the illustrious De Valais family of witches. On Midsummers Eve the cousins experience the sudden death of a classmate. An event unleashed by the wrath of an obscure enemy.... Continue Reading →

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Amazing Words!

Amazing is a commonly overused word, and finding replacements can be tricky work. But you can always count on the IABE to have a solution to that issue. Check out all these ways to say amazing, without actually saying it. Astounding- surprisingly impressive or notable. Bonny- attractive; beautiful. Captivating- capable of attracting and holding interest;... Continue Reading →

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Very is Vexing

As a reader, I get turned off by repeat offenders! Now you're probably thinking "Repeat Offenders?" Yes, in writing we have words that are completely over used. So, we're countering that with replacement words that might make your work read more natural. Check it out. Very Careful, try: Cautious, Heedful, Watchful, Alert, Prudent, Circumspect, Cagey,... Continue Reading →

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Write Better: Sensitivity Readers

First, let us learn, what are sensitivity readers? They read through manuscripts for bais instances and representation issues. Let's not forget, they look out for the naughty words. Basically they point out all the "sensitive" areas of a manuscript. Now this isn't something you need to worry about unless you are marketing to a group... Continue Reading →

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Writer’s Resources: Look Out

If you haven't caught on by now, we're focusing on repeat offender..... this means you commonly overused words!! I'm coming for you with substitute words to kick those offending words out! Bonus: you'll look like a professional when readers dive into your work! So, without further adieu... Mirrors Reflect  Echos Emulates Survey Leer Inspects Trolls... Continue Reading →

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Write Better: Plot Structures

Thanks for reading today! We're going to devel in plot structure and how to use them properly! We should start this off with the definition of we're talking about today. Plot: Also called storyline. the plan, scheme, or main story of a literary or dramatic work, as a play, novel, or short story.There, don't we feel clear on the subject now? So let's make your plot structured to fit your readers needs! There are 4... Continue Reading →

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Books to Fall For

She’s an unstoppable human. He’s an immovable beast... Through her research, University of Washington student Chloe Etain accidentally stumbled into an ancient war between the Light and Dark Fae that has culminated in the human world being thrown into pre-industrial chaos. The earth’s sky has been scorched, thrusting it into unending darkness and the humans... Continue Reading →

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