Write Better: Deadlines

No matter how you write your novel, we all start with a deadline in mind. Realizing the reality of reaching that deadline can cause anyone to panic, procrastinate, and feel hopeless. We even spend days pulling all nighters at the last minute to make sure the first draft published is perfect. At some point we... Continue Reading →

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Author Interview: The Notorious Mrs. D

Tell us a little about yourself please. Wow…that’s kinda tough. Hmmm…I’m 59, been married, been divorced. I have 3 kids, all grown. 1 grandkid in California. My son (who’s 25) has Down Syndrome and other issues. He’s fully dependent and lives with me at home, so he’s pretty much the center of everything I do.... Continue Reading →

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Write Better: Best Workshops of 2019

The Scriptease Writing Workshop: In an expansion of its popular and exciting Scriptease play reading series, and as an initiative to nurture state and regional playwrights and screenwriters, Iowa Stage is launching the Scriptease Writing Workshop. This workshop will offer a series of courses to area writers to help hone their skills and bring their... Continue Reading →

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Interview With Thoth, God of Lit. by Raymond St. Elmo

Took ages to find him. I’d ask at writer’s conferences, libraries, weird old book-stores. Searched online. Most said Thoth quit, he’d died, never existed. Or sold out to Amazon, was running a bed-and-breakfast in Thebes. I gave up. One more god crossed off the list. Then at a bus stop, I notice this bag lady... Continue Reading →

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Write Better: LGBTQA Characters

LGBTQA Characters: Tips for doing it well. LGBTQA books are a big right now, so writing you character correctly is a must! Getting it wrong could not only insult someone, but poor research make an author look extremely unprofessional. So know your stuff when writing, especially in the LGBTQA community. As authors we tell stories,... Continue Reading →

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Mays Must Reads

This epic first installment of the de Valais Chronicles will cast a spell you’ll never forget. Kemina and Gabrielle aren’t just cousins, they are members of the illustrious De Valais family of witches. On Midsummers Eve the cousins experience the sudden death of a classmate. An event unleashed by the wrath of an obscure enemy.... Continue Reading →

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Amazing Words!

Amazing is a commonly overused word, and finding replacements can be tricky work. But you can always count on the IABE to have a solution to that issue. Check out all these ways to say amazing, without actually saying it. Astounding- surprisingly impressive or notable. Bonny- attractive; beautiful. Captivating- capable of attracting and holding interest;... Continue Reading →

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Very is Vexing

As a reader, I get turned off by repeat offenders! Now you're probably thinking "Repeat Offenders?" Yes, in writing we have words that are completely over used. So, we're countering that with replacement words that might make your work read more natural. Check it out. Very Careful, try: Cautious, Heedful, Watchful, Alert, Prudent, Circumspect, Cagey,... Continue Reading →

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Writer’s Resources: Look Out

If you haven't caught on by now, we're focusing on repeat offender..... this means you commonly overused words!! I'm coming for you with substitute words to kick those offending words out! Bonus: you'll look like a professional when readers dive into your work! So, without further adieu... Mirrors Reflect  Echos Emulates Survey Leer Inspects Trolls... Continue Reading →

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