Write Better: Writer’s Block

  First let’s know what we’re dealing with here. Writer’s Block: The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. Writer’s block is torture. I for one get it all the time. I just so happen to be in one of my block phases now. While I... Continue Reading →

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Author Interview: Michelle Kee

We all love a little peek into the life of an author! So here's yours, meet author Michelle Kee!! Romance is her writing talent, so let's find out more!   Tell us, what genre you enjoy to write! I like writing steamy romance. I also like to add a sense of suspense if I can.... Continue Reading →

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Breakthrough Books

  The reader in all of us craves something new in encase us in its world. Holding us in the wonder of how you ever lived without its magic. Well readers, wait no more, here's your monthly dose of books you need to read! April is bringing you breakthrough book, giving you new worlds to... Continue Reading →

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A Short Story: Tales of the Executioners ARK: Echo from the Past

  This month, a very special gal pal of mine submitted a short story! Please enjoy and learn more about Joleene Naylor through the link at the bottom!!! Thanks so much for submitting your work Jo!     http://www.joleenenaylor.com Joleene@joleenenaylor.com   First Smashwords Edition, 2014   Copyright 2014 by Joleene Naylor Published by Smashwords  ... Continue Reading →

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Write Better: Openings

  So you took the time to finally outlined that story you wanted to write, and you're ready to move on to the writing process. Well you're in luck, because today we are talking about openings. The mistakes most beginners make and questions to ask yourself about starting off on the right page!   Common... Continue Reading →

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Author Interview: Cassy Denhartog

How many titles to you currently have out? Currently three. Creating Grace, Past in Shadows, and Beast Masters. I also create a monthly kindle magazine for a small publishing company, NeoLeaf Press.   What puts you in the mood to write? I’m always in the mood to write if I’m not exhausted. Most of the... Continue Reading →

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Books To Grow Your Mind

Non-fiction has a wide range of topics that I feel are untouch be the readers and lovers of indie books. So here are some of my favorites to get you started.    Jesus Is the Light in This Dark World tells God’s story through Daniel Evans; what happened spiritually to him. It’s all about Jesus and... Continue Reading →

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A Short Story

This month's short story is one of my own. I hope this will become a guest blog post with a new short story every month! The Best Dream Frustration seized her face, and her hands squeezed at the old wood of the gazebo. Small splinters burrowing deeper into her fingers. “So that’s what you came... Continue Reading →

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Write Better: Love Stinks!

Write Better: Love Stinks   While February is normally a lovely month, sometimes, it sucks! Admit it, you’ve been alone once or twice, for Valentine’s Day. We all have! So how do you write something so simple, it’s complicated? Easy, first you need to decide what type of suck relationship your characters have. Here are... Continue Reading →

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Author Interview: Jarod Meyer

1) What made you decide to start writing?  I have these crazy vivid dreams that I just had to get down on paper. It started as a hobby and turned into something more. 2) What inspired the William of Archonia? A dream of me standing in a field of long white grass. A sword appearing in a burst of... Continue Reading →

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Exploring Indie Romance

Welcome to the month of love! So let's explore what romance novels you are missing out on! These hidden gems will come with blurbs and links, so make sure to get them all and show your love of read! Don't forget, love an author, leave a review!!!!  The moment I heard his velvety voice growl... Continue Reading →

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Most Anticipated Indies of 2018

1)   Releasing January 16, 2018 Blurb: RATCHET When I stake my claim on Sam, she drugs me, steals my money and runs off like a frightened rabbit on a rainy night at Bike Week. I was determined to find her again, and when I do she’s with Sid and the Hell Hounds MC. She’s the... Continue Reading →

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2017 Best Books: A Recap of Must Reads!

Nerd-ing out over books is what I do best! Especially if they’re indie books! So here’s my list of the best indie reads of 2017! 10) Brooke Reninger Brooke has been enamored with fantasy since she was young. She writes about fantasy, romance, and adventures. She is the author of Pink Elephants and Grandpa's Gift,... Continue Reading →

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Write Better: Writing Prompts

What they are: For anyone who doesn’t know, writing prompts are statements or topics that test your writing abilities. Also putting your reasoning and analytical skills on edge. Writing prompts are mainly used in an educational setting, but as writers, we need to keep this going. Why use writing prompts? These small pieces will get... Continue Reading →

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Interview of an Author

Q: Can you tell us about The Leftover? The Leftover is a romantic comedy based around a local version of Survivor. So, if you can imagine, your local TV station choosing people from around your area and putting on a low budget version of the national TV show. Plenty goes wrong and there’s love as... Continue Reading →

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