Indie Book Independence

Here are your must reads for July! Celebrate with indie authors and the USA!


“This is what we’re here for, this is what Fate made us to be – a force to stand between the enemy and the innocent.”

The first battle is over and the people of the realms grieve for the fallen.

Meanwhile, Aiden, Eliza, Kat, and Dyson return to the Earth Realm, fleeing accusations of war mongering, while Tember and Jaemes venture toward the Elf Tribes in seek of aid. They’ll need numbers for the coming battle and they’re not above fighting to get what they need. But no matter where they go, nowhere is safe. The enemy Fee have many traps waiting, and their victories seem only to bring more heartache, highlighting the terrifying truth that the enemy has them right where they want them.

Now they must decide who to save and who to sacrifice, but beyond even this impossible truth the question remains:
How will they be able to live with themselves when this is over?

This epic and dark fantasy adventure continues, a calm before the storm.

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Meg was abducted. For four days she had nothing to keep herself sane, until she promised to be obedient. In return, she received a diary, not knowing which terrors she would be writing down soon. Because Meg has been taken to this unknown place for one purpose only: to support her abductors in ‘socializing’ one of their subjects.
Ten, as they call him, seems to be far more than a primitive beast, fighting battles of his very own. Meg soon realizes that she is the only one able to tame him. And that, apparently, is the sole reason she is more or less treated as a human being.
As Ten’s humanity resurfaces Meg has to accept the truth that the real beasts aren’t behind bars.

This is Meg’s diary. Will you read it?

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All Carson Reno Mystery Series Books are standalone novels. It is not necessary to read them in any particular order.
It’s spring 1962 and a Sergeant with the Memphis Police Department is found dead only hours before his scheduled testimony before a grand jury.
Was it suicide or was it murder? What was he going to testify about?
A handwritten note left by the Sergeant and addressed to the District Attorney disappears. What was in the note? Was it a suicide note with information regarding his pending testimony or something else?
A woman claiming to have information related to his planned testimony comes forward and seeks protection.
Carson is hired to look into the matter and provide protection to the mysterious woman, but protection from whom?
The situation gets out of hand quickly, and Carson finds himself in trouble with most everybody involved. A dark cloud hangs over the truth, as he tries to determine the ‘good-guys’ from the ‘bad-guys’ from the ‘bad good – guys’.
This old fashion crime story takes Carson Reno and his crew on a complicated adventure, where it seems that no one is looking for a solution.
Join our Cast of Characters and come along to help Carson find the clues and discover the truth, while he tries to understand why everyone has a serious:

Lack of Candor

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The heart shouldn’t always have what it so desires…

Avery Potter is restless. She’s at a crossroads and has no idea what is missing in her life. At twenty-seven Avery decides to enrol at University, she has a perfect boyfriend but she doesn’t feel content. There’s still something missing; someone missing.
Lawson Ace is perfection. Avery has wanted him from the moment she met him but there is one small problem; he’s married. Avery knows Lawson is off limits and she tries to keep her distance but there’s a spark between them that keeps drawing them together.
Avery is fighting a battle; a battle she is determined to win. It’s okay to admire Lawson from afar, there’s really nothing wrong with that but what happens when he becomes real? Avery knows she cannot have what she craves but it doesn’t stop her from wanting something that is not hers. Lawson Ace is potent and addictive and the further she pulls away from him the closer they end up together.

Will Avery continue down the dark path she finds herself on or will she see the light?

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Is this the end for PI Jarvis Mann?
A surprising murder of an associate
Sends Jarvis on a trip to San Diego to investigate
A trail of clues direct him to a gang member who wants him eliminated
While a local detective agency is hot on his tail with nefarious plans of their own
Battered and beaten, Jarvis battles to forge on, tracking the evidence
Directing him to a dangerous discovery that he may not be able to fight his way out of
Desperate for backup, with nowhere else to turn
He enlists lethal foes to render essential aid
Will these illicit associations spell the end of his career and possibly his life…
For Jarvis is truly a Mann in the Crossfire.

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Incase you missed us! Here’s Saturday’s FUN at our 4th annul IABE




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