Write Better: Myths of the Lucky Writer

Luck comes in many different ways, and sometimes it feels like other writers have all the luck! So here are my five favorite myths about writing to inspire your luck.

  1. Only bad writers need feedback. False, we all need feedback to grow. And repeating the actions only drive home the point. Take all your feedback and reviews as a learning experience for all involved. Never, I repeat, NEVER be rude in response. Just because it isn’t what you wanted and hoped to hear, doesn’t make it any less true. And you may be thanking that person in the future if the changes lead to more sales. Now not all feedback is law. I look into the issues that multiple readers keep noting, and learn. If I can revise and re-upload a manuscript, I will, because it also shows that you heard the important info.
  2. Using “I” is bad. NOPE! Writing in first person literally requires the use of I… a lot! Beware not to over use any word, and don’t stack “I” as a sentence starting word and you should be fine.
  3. Good writers know what they are going to writer before they sit down to type. Ok some of us may plan, but we never have an exact list in our heads. Certain words for details, yes, but never everything. Details get lost as your brain gets more excited for the writing process.
  4. Simple words look dumb. If we didn’t have simple words, we’d talk like cavemen! Normally a word is just overused and bores the reader, so use that search in your word processor before you go to Victorian era writing(unless that’s where your story takes place). I’m not saying don’t use unique, descriptive words, rather, use then sparingly.
  5. Changing your writing style is selling out. WHAT THE? You might be taking a chance and writing outside your normal box, but it is never selling out. You’re adapting and keeping relevant, which makes you look professional and read to take on anything thrown your way.

Now go write something!

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