Writer Resources: Battle or Boring?

Has anyone noticed how much easier it is to show a fight than tell one? Movies are lucky! They can enhance and lock a person into a story with visual effects. But why is writing a battle so dang hard?

Too long and you risk long, wordy sentences. Wrong descriptive words and it throws the flow of the book off. Too short and you readers will start to feel ripped off. This is why writers have such a hard time with battles.

Luckily, we got you! Let’s talk about what makes a great book fight.

Firstly, and as always, keep your readers in mind. Knowing what your audience is craving is key to keeping them wanting more.

Next, the words! Readers love details. But knowing when to stop is always a good thing. As I said, too wordy and it takes the readers attention away from envisioning what you’d like them to see in their mind. So bring on the best descriptive words you can find to help them paint a beautiful image of your story.

On the flip side, not enough details and the reader will think you didn’t care; so why should they? Keep the flow going! Make the stakes gripping and hook the fans with the battle to the final goal; the ending.

Now go write something!

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