Author Interview: Garrick Jones

For the readers, what genre/s do you write in? I write gay historical fiction, not romance. There are gay men and women, trans, and bisexual characters spread over my 10 published books. There’s always a relationship, but it’s a background to the story, rather than the focus of it. Crime fiction, action thrillers, murder mysteries,... Continue Reading →

August Reads

Sabre:People think they know what punishment is, but they have no idea. I’d lived enough lifetimes of misery that I’m an expert.Soleil was my soulmate, but I was a Watcher and it was prohibited for us to be together.After we were caught, she was ripped away, leaving me begging for death. Dropped into the middle... Continue Reading →

July Reads

A coming-of-age story of a young girl in the opiate-south. Candy navigates growing up in a situation that is less than ideal with humor and spunk. She is hilarious in her observations, smart, and completely irrepressible. Her "Candy-isms" are real and brutally honest! This book explores the boundaries of a mother's unconditional love, and delves... Continue Reading →

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