Writer Resources: Plan, Or Not To Plan.

As you know by now, October is almost over and the means NANO Wri Mo is right around the corner. Have you knocked out your prep work?

Even pantsers (writers without a story outlined in detail) have some idea of how they want their work to flow. There’s always a beginning, middle, and an ending. The best of us forget things from time to time and today, let’s talk about those little things. NANO writer or not, these tips are here to help ALL writers make the best of their book.

In The Beginning

My advice, never start with dialog. While it helps up the action, all the ‘he said’, can be overwhelming as a first line. Instead give a little detail to the main character, or the setting, before firing of f lines of conversation. Not to mention, dialog can be hard to navigate, so choose your timing and words wisely.

Here’s one of my favorite opening lines from The Dating Itinerary by Brooke Williams

Penny Coyne worried she looked like a disco ball.

In between the beginning and middle

After that first line is out of the way you need to make sure you’re building a character that’s relatable and pulls the readers in. Then slam ’em with the amazing setting details of your main characters world.

On the other hand, you need to be sure that you’re not too wordy. Use creative words that are rarely used and give the reader a nice surprise instead of feeling bored. Because if you’re bored, so are they.

Between the Middle and the End

We’ve had our conflict and battled through it. So as we move towards the end of the book, how do we prevent disappointment? Easy, tying up all the loose ends can be interesting too.

Readers know the setting, and characters, not they NEED to see the path to the ending, without giving it away. This can be a tricky dance, and a good editor won’t let you suffer.

As always, ASK FOR HELP, if you need it! Not all authors are mean and scary. Most of us are human too! (I can’t speak for J.K. Rowling)

Thanks for stopping by, now go writer something!

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