March Reads

Blue Pills flooding the streets of Denver
Fentanyl ruining lives; friends and loved ones dying from the synthetic opioid
A football star in search of answers to why one friend is dead and another missing
Dennis Gash reaching out to Jarvis Mann whose gumshoe days are in the past
The case drawing him out of retirement and into the fray he thought he had left behind
Jarvis rolling up his sleeves, flexing his muscles, and strapping on his 9mm
Hunting for answers, digging deep into the depths of the Lethal Blues
Going up against dangerous drug dealers and gangsters
Who only care about their addictive merchandise and protecting their profit
Where death sits around the corner waiting to claim all who dare to challenge them
Jarvis ready to go mano a mano to protect his client from certain death!

Check out the rest of the Jarvis Mann Detective series:
The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card
Tracking A Shadow
Twice As Fatal
Blood Brothers
Dead Man Code
The Case of the Invisible Souls
The Front Range Butcher
Mann in the Crossfire

And the first 8 books are available in two Box Sets

Please find all of R Weir’s award-winning books on his Amazon Author Page
When the black mist came, everything changed.
An unusual anomaly in outer space opened portals. A black mist poured through, bringing something along with it. War fell upon the human race.
Generations later the fighting continued…
Zoe spent her whole life training how to fight monsters and demons—how to kill them. Not once did that curriculum include falling in love with one. Now, she’s faced with a hard choice: betray one to save the other.
Will she side with the family and friends who have always been at her side, or trade it all for the romance she so deeply desires?
Odds are, no matter which path she follows, her heart won’t make it out unscathed.

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Jades twin brother Jackson went missing on a bus trip to New York 6 months ago. With the police not accomplishing anything, Jade has decided to look for her brother herself. Will she find him? Or will she end up with the same fate?

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Hazel Summer’s Story
Life had taken its toll on twenty-year-old Hazel Summer. Hazel wasn’t your average looking woman. She was a bbw who had a full figure eight shape body with voluptuous curves in all the right places. She was a young adult that had been through her share of trials and tribulations at an early age.
Giovanni Springer is a rich Billionaire who is drawn to pretty women and loves his fast cars. Even though he had Billions of dollars there was one thing he was missing. His one true love, a woman who he could call his own. Giovanni was born into money so he never knew what it was like to be broke or without.
One night Giovanni’s friends took him to this Ghetto strip club for his birthday. They wanted him to let loose and enjoy himself. The first time he lays eyes on Hazel his whole life changed. She is young, thick, with a pair of beautiful oval shaped brown eyes, and she had a positive aura like no other. She was nothing like all the classy and conservative women he had dated in his past. Hazel was the ratchet and freaky type who wasn’t afraid to tell him exactly what was on her mind. Which made it hard for Giovanni to resist her because no woman had dared to talk to him the way that Hazel did. He was always taught that women were supposed to be seen, not heard. Hazel wasn’t going for that and she had always been the type that danced to her own beat.
Will Giovanni see Hazel for who she truly is or will he let what his friends and family have to say about her make him miss out on a love of a lifetime?
Ayanna’s Story
Ayanna Jones is a beautiful woman with a butterscotch complexion, with a curvy figure eight shape. She was thicker than a snicker with a perfect glowing aura to match. However, I have heard people say the eyes never lie and Ayanna’s eyes didn’t just tell her story but it told a sad one.
She relocated to Georgia from Missouri running for her life literally. Even though she had to start from scratch, she was okay picking up the broken pieces of glass to create a cracked mirror of her life as she now knew it. Ayanna didn’t think she would ever fall in love again, and as a matter of fact, she was too afraid to.
One day Ayanna met Donovan. He was the sexiest man she had ever seen. He was tall, dark and handsome with arms that could give off a warm embrace which any woman would feel safe in. Safety is something foreign to Ayanna. Donovan Sterling was confident and charming and she was intrigued.
Donovan was smitten at first sight of Ayanna beauty, and he wanted to know more. Donovan will take her to heights of ecstasy where she had never been. Donovan had things he hadn’t revealed about himself, things like that he was a billionaire nor about Sabrina Arnaud, his beautiful sexy creole girlfriend. She was a stunning redbone with a body to die for big breasts, slim waist, and a big booty. She was a stone-cold freak in the bedroom but she was a conniving gold digger. He was hooked on the sex, this b*tch snatched souls however he wanted love.
Once he met Ayanna, Donovan will have Sabrina wondering how a two-day trip turned into two months. Not hearing one word from Donovan the whole two months; Sabrina just knew it was another woman in the picture and she wasn’t having that shit.
So let the games begin she started investigating and discovered J.R Ayanna’s abusive ex-boyfriend they linked up and devised a plan. J. R felt, if he couldn’t have Ayanna no one would. Now here comes the drama this story is filled with love, hope, new beginnings, jealousy, drama, passionate sex, and tragedy. Will Ayanna and Donovan find love or will they find themselves in danger?

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